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This story in German (PDF)
During the late seventies and early eighties the music scene of our small town near Hamburg was quite limited. After reahearsals we’d gather in a small club at the city canal, swap stories and peep at the girls. Every so often we’d walk outside down to the water to smoke a spliff (bad, bad!). Sometimes with us was a short, inconspicuous guy who, as far as I knew, didn’t play in any band. He was acquainted with a musician friend, rather quiet, only on occasion surprising with witty remarks.

One day, when I was visiting said musician, there he was again, the little man with his inconspicuous clothes, unwashed hair, and bloated face, very likely caused by psychopharmaceuticals. For the first time ever, we started talking. His name: Jürgen Goldmann. His queer sense of humour had given way to an unpleasant subservience. He asked me questions and talked to me as if I were a true rock star, and he told me that once he’d been making music himself, but given up. He then handed me a music cassette (they were still around those days!), saying, “Here, this is for you, listen to it and do with it whatever you want.” That was the last time I met him.
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The Videos

Video screenshot “Soap”
Soap (Jürgen Goldmann Original)
Video screenshot “Implicit”
Video screenshot “Hello Rose, 2023 Version”
Hello Rose, 2023 Version
Video screenshot “Whatever Makes it Happen”
Whatever Makes it Happen
Video screenshot “Comedy in a Uniform”
Comedy in a Uniform
Video screenshot “Dance With Lola”
Dance With Lola
Video screenshot “What Did the Teacher Say”
What Did the Teacher Say
Video screenshot “Take a Load of Freedom”
Take a Load of Freedom
Video screenshot “We’ll Make it Together”
We’ll Make it Together
Video screenshot “Paperwood”
Video screenshot “A Many-Coloured Experience”
A Many-Coloured Experience
Video screenshot “So What’s the Matter?”
So What’s the Matter?
Video screenshot “Family”
Video screenshot “Ask for their Bread and Taste”
Ask for their Bread and Taste
Video screenshot “Hello Rose”
Hello Rose
Video screenshot “Sleepless Night”
Sleepless Night
Video screenshot “No Bad Child”
No Bad Child
Video screenshot “Bip”
Video screenshot “Bebop”
Video screenshot “It’s All Okay Today”
It’s All Okay Today
Video screenshot “Hullaballoo & Propaganda”
Hullaballoo & Propaganda
Video screenshot “Believe My Goggle Eyes”
Believe My Goggle Eyes
Video screenshot “Family (The Rhythm ’n’ Blues Version)”
Family (The Rhythm ’n’ Blues Version)
Video screenshot “We’ll Make it Together (Fast Version)”
We’ll Make it Together (Fast Version)
Video screenshot “So What’s the Matter? (Jazzy Version)”
So What’s the Matter? (Jazzy Version)
Video screenshot “Hello Rose (Xmas Edition)”
Hello Rose (Xmas Edition)


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The Musicians

Gold Beat: Thomas de Haan

Thomas de Haan

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars

This is Thomas. He plays all the guitars, he sings and he says: “I started this project four years ago. Sometimes I feel proud, sometimes I feel guilty. I thank everyone in the band joining this trip. My favourite song: Bebop. True Dada-rock.”

Gold Beat: Tom Aeschbacher

Tom Aeschbacher

Keyboards, Backing Vocals

This is Tom. Is this Tom? This is Tom! This IS Tom. He plays all the keyboards, he sings and he says: “I can’t decide so my favourite song is the whole album. 12 diamonds - a kinda Sgt. Peppa.”

Gold Beat: Frank Itt

Frank Itt


This is Frank. He plays the bombastic bass and he says: “I’ve been involved in many projects in my life but this one is outstanding. My favourite song: Ask for Their Bread and Taste. A cinema of pop music.”

Gold Beat: Ralf Gustke

Ralf Gustke


This is Ralf. He constantly beats the drums and he says: “Is this Pink Floyd? Is this the Beatles? Is this Tom Waits? Is this Procol Harum? Is this everything? At least it’s the very spirit of pop. My favourite song: Paperwood. Groovy pop reggae.”

Gold Beat: Ania Adamska

Ania Adamska

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

This is Ania. She sings and she says: “I haven’t been on this earth for too long but I like it here. My favourite song: Wake Up. It’s not on this album but will definitely be on The Goldmann Project Part 2.”

Gold Beat: Monique Wengler

Monique Wengler

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

This is Monique. She sings and she says: “Somebody might be proud of his garden. I’m proud to be part of this project. Each tune a beautiful flower, each tune another trip. My favourite song: Family. That’s what we are.”

Gold Beat: Jasmin Antic

Jasmin Antic

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

This is Jasmin. She is somebody else. She sings and she says: “Wonderful songs. It’s all about the architecture of pop. My favourite one is Sleepless Night. Such a soulful rock tune.”

Gold Beat: Alica Reena

Alica Reena

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

This is Alica. She is 17 years old, she sings and she says: “I’m proud to be part of this project. How better can a music life start? My favourite song: Hello Rose. So peaceful, so hooky – I’m in love.”

Gold Beat: Berndt Petroschka

Berndt Petroschka


This is Berndt. He doesn’t sing but plays the percussion and he says: “What a fun joining Gold Beat. Such wonderful people playing this wonderful music together. My favourite song: It’s All Okay Today. Just because it is.”

Gold Beat: Andi Klüver

Andi Klüver

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals

This is Andi. He’s not 17 years old anymore, he sings and he says: “My heart beats for Gold Beat and my favourite song is We’ll Make it Together. That’s what we do. I can’t wait until part 2 and 3.”

The Music

The Goldmann Tapes · Part 1

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1 Ask For Their Bread And Taste


2 Paperwood


3 We’ll Make It Together (The Lark & The Mole)


4 It’s All Okay Today


5 Hello Rose


6 No Bad Child


7 Sleepless Night

8 Bip


9 Bebop


10 Family


11 Believe My Goggle Eyes

12 Hullaballoo And Propaganda


All Songs Designed By de Haan, Aeschbacher, Itt & Gustke
Based On The Music Of Jürgen Goldmann (1947—1987)

Produced & Arranged By Thomas de Haan & Tom Aeschbacher
Mixed & Mastered By Frank Itt

The Guests

Jutta Kramer


Heiko Quistorf


Ulrich Krön

Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet

Mario Wendt

Guitar, Vocals

Gerrit Moldenhauer


Heiko Thissen


Rainer Molzahn




Allec Adamska


On Tour

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Videos: Thomas de Haan, Marcelline, Max Wiechmann, Tristan Riedinger, Ania Adamska, Allec Adamska, Regina von Boyen, Felicitas Weidlich, Christian de Haan, Harald Ehmke

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